Tailored outreach so you can find new clients without lifting a finger

Experience the ease of Mylance’s complete lead management, where we handle everything from curation, to copy writing, A/B testing , outreach, and reporting back to you, giving you more time to deliver for clients and spend time with your family

Expected to show up for 2-4 calls / week

A comprehensive, end-to-end lead generation solution, specifically tailored for fractional consultants seeking growth without the time-consuming process of lead sourcing and outreach. 

Add calls to your calendar with outreach done for you

Our methodical approach to lead generation ensures the highest quality of leads focused on four key criteria: niche alignment, budget fit, team needs, and receptiveness to consultants. Each lead is rigorously evaluated to meet these standards, ensuring they align perfectly with your unique fractional requirements.

Mylance’s dedicated team runs and optimizes outreach campaigns weekly, targeting new leads each month, completely freeing you from the prospecting process.


We curate 20 leads for you


Tailored Lead Generation


Complete Outreach Management:


Transparent Process with Regular Feedback

Custom campaigns and outreach running every week for you

Completely remove your time from the prospecting and outreach process. We'll run and optimize outreach campaigns for you every week to new leads each month.

Proven messages and follow-up that add calls to your calendar

We are the best in the business at outreach for consultants with years of optimizing messages to get more opens, replies, and ultimately calls booked.

Help with your niche and positioning to build a sustainable business

Strengthen your positioning and your niche and you will be able to charge more and increase demand for your services.

Save time and leverage done-for-you lead generation

The complete sales solution for top of funnel. Stop wasting time with efforts that don't scale and messages that don't get replies.

Scale your consulting business with Mylance Done-For-You

How we start getting you calls in 4 easy steps.


Sign up and complete onboarding questions

Answer a few questions about your consulting work and background.


Get on kickoff call to set your ideal customer

Have a brief discussion with our team to define and fine-tune your lead requirements


Personalized lead sourcing and outreach

Within only a few days, get your first batch of 20 custom-curated leads, tailored to your fractional niche


Show up for success

Use your leads in your preferred outreach workflow to book discovery calls. Attend the scheduled sales and discovery calls with potential clients and watch your business grow

The Ultimate Sales Solution for your Fractional Business

Mylance Done-For-You lead generation is your complete top-of-funnel sales solution. Stop spending time on unproductive strategies and start focusing on what you do best - we’ll handle the rest