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Fill your pipeline with monthly leads that are individually tailored to your niche and consulting business, all without digging through databases.

Experienced talent from world-class companies have trusted Mylance to accelerate their path to high-value clients.

Each month we curate 20 leads just for you. They look like:

Each lead contains the contact information, LinkedIn profile, website, and a score of how good of a fit the lead is for you and your business.

We score each lead based on four criteria and fully tailor each batch of leads for you


Company matches your niche


Business has adequate budget


The team has functional gaps


They are consultant friendly

Lead Criteria 1

Matches your niche

As a starting point, we determine whether the company matches your criteria from a size, stage, industry, founded date, etc. Everything starts with the question "Is the company a good fit for your expertise?"

Lead Criteria 2

Have adequate budget

To get that next contract, the client has to be willing to pay you. We look at their revenue, growth, funding, and hiring budget.

Lead Criteria 3

Team has functional gaps

If you're a Fractional COO, you're probably not going to join a company that has a COO already. We look at gaps in their team and surface leads that have the right gap for your function.

Lead Criteria 4

Consultant friendly

Have they hired part-time workers in the past? Do they currently contract with any? We use this criteria to determine how "consultant-friendly" they are.

Then, as you share feedback your leads get even better

Use your monthly leads for cold outreach and share any feedback to further improve the lead quality.

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Find company and contact information and export lists

Head to your dashboard and find company details and hiring manager contact info.


Use the leads for outreach and supercharge your sales

Use your leads in your preferred outreach workflow to book discovery calls.

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