Empowering your business of one

The Mylance team is passionate about enabling you to work for yourself.

We've all worked for someone else, helping to fulfill someone else's dreams, making them a bunch of money and waiting on them for raises and bonuses.

We've also seen the other side: a work-life where we're in charge of our clients, rates, and most importantly, our time. We've seen how we can work for ourselves, add tremendous value to the companies we help, and support the lives we want to live. That life allows for more time with our families, more time on passion projects, or to start that business we've been dreaming about. Working for yourself as a freelance consultant changed the game for many of us, and now we've dedicated our lives to enabling it for you, and millions alongside you.


Founder Story

I went from working in tech for Uber to freelance consulting full time, which wasn't an easy journey for me. It took me months to hone my niche, understand how to differentiate myself, put together contracts and proposals, and - most importantly - find quality leads.

After figuring it out to bring in over $20,000 / month on average, I started Mylance to enable entrepreneurial, passionate individuals like you work for yourself, and live a flexible, fulfilling work-life.

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When I left Uber, I wondered if I could work part-time, helping start-ups with their marketplaces. So, I gave it a shot. I asked a few start-ups if I could help them part-time with their marketplaces. Most said no. One said yes. I didn't know how much to charge, and asked for $287/hr based on a random calculation I did. They agreed to $250/hr. I was shocked. I ended up working 25 hours per week, making over $20,000 per month. It had to end soon, right? But it didn't. I found another client, and then another, all for similar rates. The money was great, but I also genuinely enjoyed working with these companies. I was adding a ton of value, working on my own terms, and had the flexibility that earned me a lot of free time. Free time to pursue other passions, including testing start-up ideas for a company.

As I continued this consulting work, I started helping friends and colleagues with their freelance businesses. As I continued to help more people, I couldn’t keep helping everyone for free. So I built a course that friends could use to guide them in their freelance journeys. And it was working - my peers were having the same success, if not more so! It was incredibly fulfilling to help others live this life I'd experienced. I saw friends close the gender pay gap, spend more time with their families, start side-businesses, or just enjoy some more free time.

As Mylance evolved, we learned we could help individuals in more ways. We could take their books off their hands, help them with company formation set-up, and calculate their estimated taxes. Further, we could help them find leads both through our community, but also by helping them position themselves professionally online. We’ve now helped thousands of talented professionals launch and grow successful consulting businesses, often replacing their previous income and then some, in a fraction of the number of hours!

This is what Mylance is all about: helping you manage your work life with intention, and making room for the other amazing things in life.


The values that drive us forward.

Learning from our past and the best practices we love, we're building a collaborative, transparent, inclusive culture at Mylance that's customer first, based on integrity, and which allows us to have some fun along the way.

Customer first

There's nothing more important than the people we're here to help. We treat our customers with respect, and do our best to deliver incredible value to each and every one.

Do the right thing

We do our best to see around corners and do the right thing for our customers. While we're not going to be perfect, when we do make a mistake, we'll make it right.

Built on integrity

We treat our employees with fairness and respect. We give everyone an equal chance to rise to the top. We've seen success building a transparent, inclusive, and fun culture!

Give back

We've built on a foundation of charity and support. We're incredibly lucky to be building Mylance, and we have giving back in our DNA.

Inclusive team

A diverse team is a strong team. We do our best to identify our biases and build a transparent, inclusive, welcoming team where all voices are heard.

Challenge the status quo

We don't care how it was done in the past. We care about what's possible, and are pushing the envelope to enable a work life that aligns with your passions, interests, and goals.

Our team

Our hard-working team is passionate about the freelance life, and is doing everything we can to serve you, our customer. If something is wrong or you simply have thoughts, feedback, or advice, please shoot us a note - we'd love to hear from you.

Mylance's story.

From Uber Operator to Founder, Bradley's journey inspired him to help millions life a more fulfilling life

2014 - 2018

Bradley worked in Operations at Uber from 2014-2018 across Rides, EATS, and Freight.

OCT 2018

October 2018, Bradley left Uber. He was tired of building businesses for someone else, and he felt like he had reached his ceiling.

NOV 2018

He found his first part-time consulting client and was blown away: "They paid me $250 / hr for 25 hours per week! I was all of a sudden making $25k per month working part-time"

Mid 2019

"I started to get good at this consulting thing. I had too many clients and started to help friends launch their consulting businesses."

Late 2019

"I realized how big this market was, and the potential for the individual. Further, the lack of infrastructure for the business of one was too much to pass up"

Jan 2020

Bradley founded Mylance to help individuals support a flexible work-life, built on intention and fulfillment.

What Mylance offers

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