Mylance Pricing

Simple, transparent pricing that grows with your consulting business.

Consulting Community
Always free
Exclusive Community Access
Bi-weekly Live Workshops
Networking events to meet other high-value fractionals
Free turn-key Digital Consulting Storefront
Join Free Community
Scale: Self-Serve
20 leads/mo, no commitment
Everything in free
20 Curated Monthly Leads
Decision maker and connection contact info
Private Channel with Niche Support & Feedback
Start Mylance Scale
Scale: Done-for-you
3-month commitment
Everything in self-serve plan
Monthly curated leads
Outreach and follow-up done for you
Additional help scaling your business
Sales calls added to your calendar
Start Done-For-You

Experienced talent from world-class companies trust Mylance to accelerate and sustain their high-value fractional businesses.

The fastest and most scaleable way to grow your business

There are a few well known ways to try to get consulting clients. You won't go back to them after trying Mylance.

Using Only Your Network

Everyone you know

Consulting Marketplaces

Sending proposals on projects

Sales Navigator

Social Media and Databases
Consulting Lead Gen Tool
Get Leads Fast
Sustainable Over Time
High Quality Leads
Support and Niche Help
Consistent Monthly Leads
Escape the race to zero
Easy Sales Outreach

Positive ROI from curated outreach

We give you high quality, curated leads that match your niche. Because we're focused on quality over quantity, your hit rate will be much higher than normal "cold" outreach. See below actual results from one of our customers in her second month:

Open rate
Response rate
Calls booked
First month ROI

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Frequently asked questions

Not sure which plan is best for you? 

Am I locked in to the plan I start with? 

No, the first step regardless of which plan you choose is to sign-up and create an account. Once you have an account you can easily start the plan that fits you or change plans as you grow.

How do I change my plan?

Simply click on the help tab of your HQ and submit a request to chance or cancel your plan. We'll get back to you same-day.

Why are monthly leads important?

Most consulting businesses are built, at least initially, on your network. The best way to scale and remove stress is to know you have a pipeline and to invest time monthly into nurturing opportunities.

Do you also help me launch my business?

Yes! The Scale plan is best if you have a clear niche and ideal customer in mind for more experienced consultants. If you're newer, we have a live, cohort based coaching program to help you find your first 5-figure per month client and launch your consulting business. Schedule your free consultation to see if you're a fit.

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