Launch your consulting business and work for yourself

We've packaged years of trial and error into the fastest way for you to turn your skills into a successful consulting business. Set your rate, refine your niche, and find clients.


Experienced talent from world-class companies have trusted Mylance to accelerate their path to high-value clients.


Surround yourself with incredible talent all pushing the boundaries of work.

At Mylance we believe in fulfilling and flexible work. Opportunity is knocking and we'd love to guide you through the world of consulting so you can start landing high-value clients.


How Mylance helps

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Launch Playbook

Tangible steps to find 5-figure, part-time clients and earn your true value



Surround yourself with ambitious peers who challenge the 9-5, and have transitioned to flexible work



Tools (website, CRM, invoicing, taxes, bookkeeping) to automate your business



Support to overcome your fears and branch into the unknown

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Find projects that match your expertise to grow your business


In the words of our members:

How Mylance started

"I went from working in tech for Uber to freelance consulting full time, which wasn't an easy journey for me. It took me over 9 months to hone my niche, understand how to differentiate myself, put together contracts and proposals, and - most importantly - find quality leads.

After the trial and error, I was able to bring in over $20,000 / month, and eventually started Mylance to share these learnings, and enable entrepreneurial, passionate individuals like you to work for yourself, and live a flexible, fulfilling work-life."

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When I left Uber, I wondered if I could work part-time, helping start-ups with their marketplaces. So, I gave it a shot. I asked a few start-ups if I could help them part-time with their marketplaces. Most said no. One said yes. I didn't know how much to charge, and asked for $287/hr based on a random calculation I did. They agreed to $250/hr. I was shocked. I ended up working 25 hours per week, making over $20,000 per month. It had to end soon, right? But it didn't. I found another client, and then another, all for similar rates. The money was great, but I also genuinely enjoyed working with these companies. I was adding a ton of value, working on my own terms, and had the flexibility that earned me a lot of free time. Free time to pursue other passions, including testing start-up ideas for a company.

As I continued this consulting work, I started helping friends and colleagues with their freelance businesses. As I continued to help more people, I couldn’t keep helping everyone for free. So I built a course that friends could use to guide them in their freelance journeys. And it was working - my peers were having the same success, if not more so! It was incredibly fulfilling to help others live this life I'd experienced. I saw friends close the gender pay gap, spend more time with their families, start side-businesses, or just enjoy some more free time.

As Mylance evolved, we learned we could help individuals in more ways. We could take their books off their hands, help them with company formation set-up, and calculate their estimated taxes. Further, we could help them find leads both through our community, but also by helping them position themselves professionally online. We’ve now helped thousands of talented professionals launch and grow successful consulting businesses, often replacing their previous income and then some, in a fraction of the number of hours!

This is what Mylance is all about: helping you manage your work life with intention, and making room for the other amazing things in life.

Bradley Jacobs

Founder & CEO, Mylance


Launching your consulting business before Mylance

A never ending to-do list of seemingly important tasks with little external support.

Honing your niche

Setting up an LLC

Scoping projects

Sending proposals to leads

Sending invoices

Using marketplace platforms

Networking events

Looking for more leads

Asking for referrals

Working the day job

Finding mentorship

Dreaming of a better way

Launch your business with Mylance

1. Apply to join our vetted, ambitious community

2. Once approved, you’ll join a new member cohort

3. New members immediately get a turn-key website for your consulting business and a free session to hone your niche and learn how to present yourself

4. Get access to the Mylance Accelerator, tax services, and premium membership

Launch Your Business.

Everything you need to launch your independent business and start working for yourself.


Hear from those who took the leap and up-leveled their careers.

(94% customer satisfaction score from our Accelerator + Community + HQ)

“I'm incredibly impressed with what you've built here. I now have a website that showcases my niche and attracts clients, along with the templates and guides I need to close business!”

TJ Blease

BD Partnerships

"The Mylance HQ is a game changer for me. In under 5 minutes of set-up I have a digital storefront that has testimonials, case studies, and my unique experience that is attracting and helping me close clients!"

Jane Hayes


"Mylance's resources are incredible. From proposal templates to their rates database, I have now more than doubled my income from my full-time tech salary. The best part - I work 20% of the hours."

Daniel Cohen

Tech Analytics

“I've dreamt of being my own boss, but had no idea how to get started. The Mylance Toolkit that came with the HQ gave me the step by step process to launch my freelance business. And it worked!”



“Bradley and Mylance have been ESSENTIAL to my freelance journey. Their process gave me so much confidence, and once I set up my HQ, they sent me leads!”

Jeremy Schwartz

Enterprise SEO


Frequently asked questions.

How does Mylance help me launch my Consulting business?

Mylance stands up your consulting business. We're the best place to find your next client. We have new projects coming in every day, in addition to helping you hone your niche, figure out how much to charge, and overcome imposter thoughts.

We also have products that coach you on how to navigate your first consulting engagements, in addition to taking your books and taxes off your plate!

1. Mylance's Accelerator is a live, cohort based Bootcamp that gives you the crash course in how to launch your consulting business. We cover how to present your experience in a niche, set your rate, overcome imposter thoughts, where and how to find clients, how to set-up and manage your business properly, how to scope projects, and many other topics that will leave you feeling comfortable and confident.

2. Mylance tax subscriptions automate the admin you can't stand. We take your books off your hands, provide monthly reports, optimize your business for taxes, and even file your taxes for you!

3. Mylance HQ - showcases your niche, experience, and skillsets so companies can find YOU. Make yours for free

How else does Mylance Help Me?

Once we help you launch your business, we have the tools and services to help you run it.

Need your books or taxes taken off your plate? We have customized tax offerings. We have a community filled with experts: lawyers, CPAs, coaches, and experienced consultants to answer your questions and support your journey.

And this is just the start: our team is working tirelessly to build additional tools, products, and services for your consulting needs.

Need something we haven't listed? Make an HQ, join our Slack channel, and shoot us a note!

Who is Mylance for?

Mylance is best if you are a tech and start-ups professional with at least 3-5 years of experience, and you want to monetize that experience through part-time work. While you'll still have to put in the work to find clients, Mylance teaches you exactly how, with 100% success (if you follow this method, it works. Period.)

Our customers have experience in every business function: Operations, Strategy, Product, Marketing, Business Development, Engineering, Sales, PR, Communications, HR, etc. As long as you have a specific value to add to a company, you can use your experience to consult for companies, and we can help you hone your niche to launch your consulting business and find clients

What kind of outcomes have Mylance customers had?

Mylance's customers are able to replace their full-time income, often working significantly fewer hours. Other customers have found consulting clients on the side of their full-time job, thus adding an additional source of income.

Here are some quotes from previous customers:
"I had always dreamed of being my own boss, but didn't know how to get started. Mylance gave me all the tools and confidence to take the plunge into freelance world, saving me months of trial and error!"

"After a few short weeks, I closed a $70k client. Mylance’s resources, advisors and community are truly invaluable!"

"Mylance sent me leads that enabled me to make 2x more than my tech salary."

"I took the Mylance Accelerator in June. By July, I had 3 paying clients, including with the largest music streaming service! I HIGHLY recommend Mylance to anyone looking to freelance and create a profitable business faster."

“So far, Mylance has helped me build up my side income to $21,000, and more than doubled my income from my full time job. The best part - I work 20% of the hours”

Who's behind Mylance?

Mylance was founded in 2020 by Bradley Jacobs, a former Tech Operator at Uber.

He ran his own consulting business in 2018-2019, bringing in over $25k in per month from working around 25 hours per week.

After launching Mylance, he's been joined by a talented, hard-working group of people all passionate about enabling you to work for yourself and sustainably make great money in fewer hours.