Everything you need to thrive as a solopreneur

Our live course helps you navigate the challenging journey so you can run your solopreneur business

How the course works

Our Live Course

  1. Start in a cohort with talented peers
  2. Four modules, each spanning one week
  3. Chapters make up the modules, and each chapter has an exercise for you to complete
  4. After you complete the exercise, a live coach gives you 1 on 1 feedback before you move on
  5. Invited to our Slack channel to interact with your coach and other talented solopreneurs 


You should plan to dedicate about 8 hours per week across four weeks to get the full value of the course

“These tactics are gold. It's the difference between actually getting a client and not”
Bhaumik Patel

We Cover everything you need

  • Hone your specific niche to learn what value you can add to a client
  • Set your rate, scope out project proposals, and negotiate a great deal
  • Craft your proposal so when you find an interested company, you're ready to go
  • Set up your business correctly, and take advantage of all the creative freelancer tax deductions
“After Uber, I worked for myself across different companies, making over $20,000 per month in 25 hours per week, all while managing my own time and choosing when to work. I loved it, and it allowed me to support my entrepreneurial endeavors”
Bradley Jacobs

Is this for you?

About you


  • Previous experience and accomplishments at a brand name company or successful tech start-up
  • Ready to earn your true value across multiple clients, and get paid what you deserve


Expertise in a major company function


  • Operations / Strategy
  • Marketing
  • Design
  • Engineering (software or hardware)
  • Product
  • Communications
  • Business Development

Detailed Course Outline

Introduction - The freelance mindset

Do you have what it takes to close clients, negotiate your value, and ask for what you want? Let's build that confidence

Chapter 1 - Determine your niche

Know what you're selling and how to present it

Chapter 2 - Your Experience

Back up your skills with accomplishments. This is your time to boast

Chapter 3 - Set up your business correctly

It's time to form an entity, protect yourself, and stay compliant

Chapter 4 - Your pitch: written and verbal

Present to clients clearly and concisely both over the phone and through a one-pager

Chapter 5 - Where and how to find clients

Learn where to find clients and grow your business

Chapter 6 - Get clients interested

Pitch yourself strategically without a single "sell"

Chapter 7 - Price yourself attractively

Have pricing that works for you and for your clients - one of the biggest challenges for a freelancer

Chapter 8 - Scope out a project

Go from a client's challenge to your project. How to stay away from hourly projects and charge monthly or project based

Chapter 9 - Write engaging proposals

Connect with your client through proposals that resonate

Chapter 10 - Negotiate a great deal

Your client will be excited to work with you, and you'll get paid handsomely with these techniques

Chapter 11 - Set client expectations

Align with your client for success. Don't miss this crucial step once you start a contract

Chapter 12 - Expand the scope

Excited about your first deal? This is just the beginning. Add more value to your clients to keep your projects alive

Chapter 13 - Get feedback

Make sure you're meeting your client's expectations by strategically getting feedback

Chapter 14 - Grow your business

Your first client is like the first domino. Make sure the rest fall as well

Learn from the best

This course was designed by experienced consultants who made hundreds of thousands per year working for themselves across different clients. We’ve taken those techniques and sequenced them so you can make the money you deserve, all while being your own boss. Start building the career you’ve been dreaming of today. 

Course FAQs

Why might I want to try freelancing?

Freelancing gives you incredible freedom in your work life. Further, you realize your true value. Instead of helping one company, you get to work across companies, charging what the market will bear for your skills. This life isn’t for everyone, but if you’re willing to learn, it can be an incredible experience.

Does this course include everything I need?

Yes. We cover everything from ideation and discovering your niche, to closing your first client, and expanding your business. Further, our expert coaches, and larger freelancer community are here to answer any questions you have along the way.

What other costs might I incur as a freelancer?

As much as we love being on our own, freelancing does have some additional costs. The biggest one is your own health insurance, and you likely will have others such as forming an LLC, keeping track of your books, and having an additional tax return. You’ll likely make more than enough to cover all of this, and still make more than a salary you’d get at an employer. Further, Mylance walks you through all of this to ensure you set things up correctly. 

How much will I make freelancing?

Those that have followed the steps in this course have made more money than when they were employed, including the additional costs of being a freelancer (healthcare, bookkeeping, etc.), in fewer hours. If you can picture a role you’d want to have based on your skillset and what that salary would be, you can expect to make the same or more as a freelancer (if done correctly). Yes, you can also get equity as a freelancer if you’re targeting start-ups.

What else should I know about freelancing?

Freelancing means there’s very little oversight or structure in your life. You’re in charge, meaning you need to be self-motivated. Further, you need to be able to ask for projects and negotiate well. We have a great way to “sell” without mastering traditional sales techniques, but you’ll still need to know your worth, stand up to clients, and be your own advocate. We believe anyone can learn this, but it takes some work and confidence!

Should I freelance before I join a company?

It completely depends on the company, but we generally think it’s a good idea, especially if you’re looking at a start-up. You never know what a start-up is like until you’re there, and this way you get to know the leadership, your manager, and the team before you make a bigger commitment. Joining a company is a huge decision, and this allows both sides a trial beforehand. Further, if it is a good match, you’ll likely get a way better offer once they see what you’re capable of. 

Does this course work?

Yes, it does. If you follow the steps, and listen to our guidance this course works. It has for countless folks before you, and it can work for you as well. For whatever reason if you’re not satisfied with the content or your experience, please reach out to us at [email protected], and we’ll make it right.

What else is included?

By purchasing any form of this course, you’ll get access to all the freelancer resources we have, including contract, proposal, and pricing templates. Further, we have a community of freelancers that you can join. Each new freelancer is assigned a “squad” of experienced freelancers to help them get their business off the ground. Lastly, our expert coaches are available via email and slack for any specific questions.

The work life you deserve is around the corner

  • Take this course
  • Attract companies to your offering
  • Close your first client
  • Grow your freelance business
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