Mylance Consulting Accelerator

Launch your consulting business alongside talented peers

The Mylance Accelerator helps you skip months of trial and error. We've packaged years of research into a consulting crash course. Join our live cohort-based freelance accelerator today.

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Apply now to be a part of the next cohort, launching on December 1st.

How the Accelerator Helps You Launch Your Business

We've added structure to the black box that is consulting. We walk through a playbook that simply works to find consulting clients. Learn alongside your peers with tangible steps to grow your business, whether it's a side hustle or full-time consulting.

Live Sessions

Discussion based sessions led by the Mylance team where we share the best practices and refine your skills so you can confidently close clients.


Leave the accelerator with the actual templates, proposals, and contracts you'll use with real clients. No fluff here!


Learn from the Mylance coaches and your peers. Get feedback and learn from each other on all areas of your business, most importantly on your niche and how you present yourself to potential clients.


What our graduates are saying:

Mylance has helped thousands launch and grow their freelance consulting businesses

a portrait of TJ.
“It hasn't been 2 months since I was let go from Uber and I'm making more and working half the time. Thanks Mylance!”
TJ Blease
BD Partnerships
a portrait of Jeremy.
“Bradley and Mylance have been ESSENTIAL to my freelance journey. They helped set up my business, nail my pitch, and sent me leads.”
Jeremy Schwartz
Enterprise SEO
a portrait of Sara.
“I've dreamt of being my own boss, but had so many questions to get started. Mylance gave me the tools and confidence to take the plunge into freelance world.”
A portrait of Daniel
Mylance has helped me build up my side income and more than doubled my income from my full-time tech salary. The best part - I work 20% of the hours.
Daniel Cohen
Tech Analytics
a portrait of Jane.
I’m already working less and making more than my previous jobs and could not have made this shift so smoothly without them.
Jane Hayes
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Have you been wanting to work for yourself?

Are you sick of corporate politics? Do you feel undervalued for your contributions in your 9 to 5? Have you been wanting to work for yourself?

Accelerated by recent world events, companies are now more than ever embracing part-time work and hiring consultants. You have a unique value to add to a company, and you can do that in a part-time, flexible way. It's something you've wanted to do, but you don't where to start.

That's where we come in. We provide you structure, action items, templates, supportive community, and the tools you need to make it happen.

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Ready to accelerate your career?

What to expect

Participants leave with clarity regarding the value they bring, how to position themselves, and what they want from their independent businesses. Read more about the various components below.


Tools and Templates

The Mylance Accelerator has no fluff - in our time together we'll build the actual toolkit you'll use for your freelance business, and then you'll be able to access Mylance's resources forever afterwards. We know what works, and will share those proven templates with you!



You'll have due dates with your assignments to encourage you to get them done on time. We know without deadlines, they'll never get done. This is a place to show up, get the work done, and grow your business.


Be Challenged

Receive and give feedback. We're all here to get better, and part of that is learning from your peers. Come ready to participate and we'll all improve together.


Supportive community

You'll be surrounded by talented peers all with the same ambitions, motivations, and challenges as you. Furthermore, previous graduates are part of the community on the other side of these challenges who can lend advice, words of encouragement, and often the ability to team up on projects!

The Accelerator

Your satisfaction guaranteed.

We’re so confident this program works, if you complete the Accelerator and and aren’t satisfied with the product, we’ll give you a full refund on your purchase.

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Frequently asked questions.

Is the Accelerator for me?
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If you are serious about finding work as a part-time consultant, and have strong experience where you can add value to a company, then the Accelerator is for you. It's is a personal investment to help you work for yourself in a flexible and fulfilling way. Our customers have experience in every business function: Operations, Strategy, Product, Marketing, Business Development, Engineering, Sales, PR, Communications, HR, etc. As long as you have a specific value to add to a company, you can use your experience to consult for companies, and we can help you hone your niche to launch your consulting business and find clients.

What can I expect as an outcome?
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Customers leave the Accelerator with all of the tools and confidence to close clients. The majority of our customers close clients within a few weeks of finishing the Accelerator. Participants leave with clarity regarding the value they bring, how to position themselves, and what they want from their independent businesses. Some choose to use the skills they learned about their niche and in negotiation to find a full-time job. That’s no problem! We’re supportive of whatever you decide is best for you. Further, our customers can use their freelance skill-sets whenever they choose, whether immediately or months after the Accelerator.

How much does it cost?
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The accelerator is free with a minimum subscription commitment of 6 months to the Mylance Membership, which is $49 / month. After the 6 months, while we think you'll want to stay with us, you can cancel it at any time.

What is the learning format?
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The Accelerator combines live discussed based sessions with written assignments, readings, and videos to give you the knowledge, templates, and confidence you need to find clients, and manage your consulting business. Our team curated the best content from freelancers who have come before you, so you will know what pitfalls to avoid. The Accelerator will give you the confidence to freelance for yourself in weeks rather than years.

What is the time investment to complete the Accelerator?
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Aligning ourselves with the freelance way of working, the Accelerator is meant to be as flexible as possible. If you can dedicate, on average, 1-2 hours per day for the two weeks, you will get enough out of the course to be successful. The live sessions (2 per week) are 1-2 hours, and the rest of the time is made up of written assignments, readings, and videos. It's meant to work with your schedule, whether you have a full-time job or a child at home.

Does Mylance guarantee success?
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We offer a 100% satisfaction-based, money-back guarantee. We know if you put in the work and finish every module, you’ll be happy with the Accelerator. However, if for any reason you’re not satisfied when you complete the Accelerator, and we’re not able to make it right for you, we’ll refund you the cost of the Accelerator.

How much will I make freelancing?
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Those who have completed the Accelerator make more money than when employed, including the additional costs of being a freelancer (healthcare, bookkeeping, etc.), in fewer hours. If you can picture a role you’d want to have based on your skill set and desired salary, you can expect to make the same or more as a freelancer (when done correctly). Yes, you can also get equity as a freelancer if you’re targeting start-ups. The Accelerator will teach you how to calculate your rate accurately and negotiate effectively, so you will be confident that you are being paid the right amount for your work.

Here's a quote from one of our recent graduates:

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