Curated Leads, Custom-Fit for Your Fractional Business

Elevate your fractional business with custom-curated leads, crafted to boost your growth and maximize your conversion rates.

Top-tier professionals from leading global companies rely on Mylance to expand their high-value fractional businesses.

Why we built this product

What we hear from you and experienced ourselves: lead generation is time-consuming and frustrating, and yet the most important part of sustaining your business.

You enjoy delivering for your clients and hate worrying about business development. We get it!

Our dream is to power your $15k / month, $25k / month, or $50k / month fractional business so you don’t have to do any lead generation, and simply have calls with qualified clients show up on your calendar.

“I get hit up by lead gen companies all the time. Don’t they all suck?”

Unfortunately, most do. They don’t serve your unique business, and most employ a “spray and pray” approach. We target only fractional executives, and focus on quality over quantity so you’re getting only the best leads for your business.

“I get all my projects from my network and referrals”

This is a great way to start and sustain a business in the early days. But, it dries up and only takes you so far. Further, there are no levers to pull in a slow quarter. To sustain a thriving business, you need to be doing outbound.

But what about the marketplaces?

These can work for some, but fall short in a number of ways, mostly that they don’t have enough projects for their experts, so you’re 1 of 50 experts applying to one project.

Further, you’re reliant on someone else for new clients, leaving you exposed when their deal flow is short.

Where is Mylance at today?

We have nailed the first part of the lead gen equation: we find you the BEST contact to reach out to at any given time. Whether that’s a warm intro to one of the leads we found for you, or a decision-maker at a company that matches your ideal customer persona (ICP).

Our system saves you time and energy by researching which companies to target and which people to contact.  This product is perfect for Fractional CXOs who have clients already, and looking to supercharge sustainable lead-generation efforts.

Stop worrying where your next client will come from

We were consultants. We spent countless hours doing sales and lead generation, worrying where our next client might come from.

So we built the tool we wish we'd had. That removes searching, filtering, and curation, and finds you the best people to reach out to, whether they're in your network, or at your target company.

Sales and outreach

Niche and positioning

Curated leads monthly

Done for you outreach

Discover leads as unique as your business.

Our tailored approach goes beyond standard lists, providing you with leads that have a high potential for conversion, specifically in your fractional niche.

Never settle for static.

Your ICP is dynamic, just like the market. We continuously refine and enhance your lead list, adapting to changes and maximizing opportunities.

Your leads, your way.

With Mylance, you drive your business development. Say goodbye to bidding wars and generic marketplaces. We give you the freedom to grow your clientele on your terms, supported by our expertly curated leads.

Plus, Join Our Vibrant Community of Fractional Professionals

Step into a world of collaboration and support with Mylance’s exclusive community. Connect with fellow fractional executives for unparalleled opportunities in networking, partnerships, and peer support. This dynamic platform is not just about growing your business, but also becoming part of a thriving ecosystem that fosters confidence, accountability, and collaborative success.

Supercharge Your Business With Our Tailored Models

Find your next client effortless and with complete peace of mind.

Self-Service Lead Gen

Choose from 20,40,60, or 100 expertly curated leads delivered directly to your inbox each month. Each lead comes with comprehensive contact details and warm connections, setting the stage for successful connections.

Done-for-you Lead Gen

Ideal for those who prefer a hands-off approach. We handle everything - from meticulous lead generation to outreach and scheduling meetings. Focus on your strengths while we manage the intricacies of lead generation for you.

Success stories

We’ve helped thousands of consultants who say things like:

Mylance has been well worth the investment. The leads I got broadened my scope of opportunities and helped me grow my consulting business and have more time back.

Eric Scannell

Marketing Consultant

Working with Mylance has been incredible. I have now more than doubled my income from my full-time tech salary. The best part - I work 20% of the hours.

Daniel Cohen

Operations Consultant

The leads they’ve given me as helped me grow my business without considering going back to corporate. I’m staying independent and have Mylance to thank!

Solomon Estin

Sales Consultant

It hasn't been 2 months since I was let go from Uber and I'm making more and working half the time. Thanks Mylance!

Anyi Wang

Operations Consultant

Frequently asked questions

If you don't see your question answered, send us an email at

Who is this for?

Mylance lead-gen is for fractional executives looking to fill their pipeline and find their next client.

Our customers generally have at least 2-3 years of consulting experience, and 5+ years of professional work experience.

They're incredible at servicing their clients, but don't have the time, interest, or energy to dedicate towards lead generation. They use us to save time and money, so they can focus on their client work, not on sales.

What am I going to get out of this?

Clients! Mylance removes the burden of the lead generation for your fractional business.

By working with us, you're getting a curated lead list of clients who are ready to hire you in your niche, saving you a ton of time and money, and allowing you to spend more time outside of work traveling, with your family, or pursuing your hobbies.

The time you do spend working will be centered around client work, instead of lead generation.

How do you qualify leads?

We use four criteria to determine if we surface a lead to you, and then rate the quality of the lead through a "lead score" that's transparently displayed to you.

The 4 criteria are:

1. Matches your niche
       • As a starting point, we determine whether the company matches your criteria from a size, stage, industry, founded date, etc. Everything starts with the question "Is the company a good fit for your expertise?"

2. Likely to have the budget
      • To get that next contract, the client has to be willing to pay you. We look at their revenue, growth, funding, and hiring budget.

3. Are there business functional gaps
       • If you're a Fractional COO, you're probably not going to join a company that has a COO already. We look at gaps in their team and surface leads that have the right gap for your function.

4. Are they consultant friendly
       • Have they hired part-time workers in the past? Do they currently contract with any? We use this criteria to determine how "consultant-friendly" they are

How do you find the leads?

We have access to nearly every company and individual on the web. Thus we can use publicly available data to determine the lead score, and surface those that are best for you.

How many leads will I get per month?

We start at 20 leads per month and give up to 20 contacts per lead. If you'd like more leads, we can certainly accommodate that.

Is this ROI positive?

Almost always.

Can I deduct this as a business expense?

Yes! You better.

Can I cancel at any time?

Of course. Just reach out to us and we'll end your subscription.

What if my bandwidth is full and I don't need new clients?

We have maintenance mode for this, which is a reduced price and fewer leads. It's important to keep your pipeline going even if your plate is full. That way when a contract does end, you'll easily be able to replace that client.

Will I be competing with other subscribers on leads, or will each member have their own list?

Every user gets a custom list that uniquely fits their niche, skillset, and expertise. With very narrow niches for each customer, we rarely see overlap between lists.

Is this just a generic list or is it companies that are actively looking for services that would match my skillset?

As mentioned above, this is a highly curated list based on a proprietary algorithm and finds the best leads for your niche, and clients that are well positioned to hire you. Nothing about this list is generic.

Where do you get your data from?

We take great care to ensure that all data points in our lists are verified and publicly available.

We collect the data and cross-check it against a variety of reliable sources, including SEC filings, major news outlets, established funding platforms, social media networks, and niche blogs. Our team also uses human intuition to ensure that the information we include is accurate and relevant.

For our clients, this means that every data point and email address in our lists is trustworthy and legally obtained. We are committed to ethical data collection practices and will never engage in any illegal activities such as database hacking or data leaks.

Additionally, if you ever need to know the source of a specific data point, we are happy to disclose it to you.

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