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Today meet Adam Barney, Growth Consultant.

To start us off, can you please share how do you help your clients? What does a typical engagement look like?

I help my clients (both individuals and businesses) by delivering coaching and advising strategies for their growth based on: increased confidence and resilience, network extension, inspiration and knowledge-gap filling.

In some cases I work with businesses directly on executional marketing to drive revenue generation. It really adjusts with the customer target in real-time and builds off of the 17-year career I’ve had across large and small organizations.

When did you start independent consulting and why?

I started consulting as a side-hustle over 8 years ago to help out a friend who had started a homegrown marketing agency.

I’ve since moved into the full-time consulting world and started my own business.  

You have an interesting approach towards professional networking. Can you share how you look at it in your personal life? And how you help you clients make valuable connections?

The approach I take in my personal life with networking extends into how I accomplish it for my clients. I approach it with confidence by:

  1. Showing genuine interest in reaching out
  2. Knowing the worst thing anyone can say is no or decline (you never make the shots you don’t take!)
  3. Offering my own network up to anyone I connect with
  4. My sense of levity and humor

How many hours per week do you work?

Currently, I am working about ~20 hours a week.

Why do you like consulting over a full-time job? What does it enable for you?

Consulting provides flexibility to spend time with my family primarily but also flexibility in distributing my work across areas like climate change efforts vs. being stuck in one industry.

How much on average do you make per month? How does that compare to what you made as a W2?

As I’m still ramping up my efforts for consulting, I have not yet eclipsed what I was garnering in W2 roles. My goal is to get there in the coming months and average in the range of $20-30k month (or more!).

Where and how do you find your clients?

I find my clients through the strong network I have primarily; personal referrals have paid off in spades so far. I expect that to continue but also be bolstered by leveraging Mylance, LinkedIn and my personal website in tandem going into the future.

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