The First Thing You Should Do to Jumpstart Your Consulting Business

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Now more than ever, companies have an even stronger demand for talented consultants. That's where you come in. Use your experience to work part-time, add real value, and make money to support yourself. All with Mylance's help.

Today we'll give you a sneak peek into how to hone your niche, nail your pitch and jumpstart your consulting business.

Mylance's Top Three Steps to Honing Your Niche

Our graduates have used these tactics to land $20K+ projects.

The Mylance’s Bootcamp can help you jumpstart your thriving freelance business. An important first step is finding your niche and clearly communicating your value to potential clients.

1. List your professional accomplishments

Look back at your career to date, and write down the accomplishments that you’re 1) most proud of and 2) Enjoyed the most, in this format:


At [Company X], I [tangible verb or phrase] that accomplished [accomplishment or result here] and [additional accomplishment here if applicable].


Uber Freight, Head of Carrier Operations:

At [Uber Freight], I [built our Operations team that helped launch a business line for Uber], that accomplished [scaling automated processes across carrier acquisition, carrier engagement, and marketplace dynamics] and [built Uber Freight up to a $1B+ valuation].

UberEATS: Head Launcher for Miami, FL and Milan, Italy:

At [UberEATS], I [hired a team, and designed and executed a grassroots-marketing plan including the creation of a courier and restaurant base,] that accomplished [the launch of UberEATS in Miami and Milan,] and [gave Uber a competitive advantage in both markets].

Keep these tips in mind:

  1. Use action-oriented, concrete words (“built” and “designed,” NOT “crafted” or “explored”)

  2. Make sure your impact (and the how you made that impact) is clear

  3. List accomplishments you actually enjoyed doing!

  4. List out your role + company (or team) to give context to your accomplishments

  5. Keep your list short and sweet. 3-5 accomplishments, tops!

2. Identify your tangible, concrete skills, and superpowers

You now have your accomplishments. Now, find your niche. We’ll start by finding the skills you rock that helped you achieve all those accomplishments you just listed. Use this formula:


I’m an expert at [area of expertise] that enables me to [value-add to a company or outcome for a company].


I’m an expert at [launching marketplaces, including B2C, B2B, and two and three-sided marketplaces] that enables me to [help companies scale their operations].

3. Turn this into your winning pitch

Take the lists you made in Steps 1 and 2 and turn them into your niche, and ultimately, that winning pitch! As you talk to potential clients and write proposals, you can use these side by side to communicate your value. This looks like:


(Step 1) “I’m an expert at…” + (Step 2) I accomplished X at Y company and delivered on Z value.

When you’re talking to a potential client, you now have a clear, concise introduction that highlights your value.

Congratulations, you now have the foundation for a winning pitch!

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Every Mylance team member has done consulting. We're experts, and we've seen what consulting enables: more time with our families, traveling the world, more time on passion projects, or to start that business we've been dreaming about.

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