Andrew Safnauer

I help founders and entrepreneurs dream big, meet crazy goals and sleep better at night because they believe in themselves and their mission. 

Sounding board/accountability partner of founders like you to focus, advance and grow your early/mid-stage business.

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Available 20hrs/week

Fort Mill, SC, USA

25 years experience


A founder's life can be uncertain.  Is the business on the right path?  Are my decision making processes sound? Leverage my 25+ years.


Emmy winner.  Through my 7 fig production company, I've strategized with world-wide brands on creative.  Let me help you achieve more

product management

Ideation to Execution. Having a hard time selling your idea to investors or the market? I’ll turn your idea into real revenue.

retail & consumer goods

Bootstrapped multiple brands to 7 fig sales.  Hands on experience in all aspects of retail, DTC, eCommerce, 3PL, logistics etc.


My belief is we need to listen before we speak.  25+ years of proven success at crafting targeted communication programs that work.  

broadcast media

Multi-time award winner who developed systems and lead a 70 person creative team and $100+ million budgets.  

Executive Coach and Consultant, 4x Founder

Executive Coach and Consultant, 4x Founder
Emmy award-winning voice actor/audio producer, husband, dad, coach, leader, entrepreneur, business growth driver, mentor, blogger. 

I love working out daily with F3 (despite the 430 a wake ups), working on projects in my garage, cheering on my daughters at soccer and rock climbing and sitting on the dock watching the sun rise over Moose Pond in Maine.

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Travel to New England
Restoring Cars
Eating at Sketchy Looking Restaurants

What I Do

What I know as a seasoned entrepreneur is that for me, a coach was invaluable.  The life of a founder has high points, in between troughs of loneliness and stress.  Who can you use as a sounding board to help walk through issues?  Which of your W2 friends can help you set up goals and hold you accountable?    

From good idea, to planning to development to hiring, managing and learning entire new disciplines on the fly - I am a 4x founder who has been where you are. 

Executive Coach
Project/Product Management
Brand Development and Management

Skills & Tools

Top areas of expertise and tools used to accomplish projects.
career / leadership / executive coaching
product development
product management
media production
broadcast media
executive coaching

Diversified professional experience

Past companies and roles where I’ve gained experience.

Co Founder


Responsible for business development, growth, and management. Adept at defining business strategy and priorities to meet goals, implement product enhancements, and exceed customer expectations.  Deliver on key initiatives including branding, product design, product enhancements, outsourcing, manufacturing, social media promotion, operations, sales, and marketing.  Research, analyze, and define target markets. Negotiate significant distribution and co-branding partnerships with vendors.
Longtrain Productions
Longtrain Productions

Voice Actor, Broadcast Audio Producer and Chief Creative Guy


Emmy Award-winning voice-over talent, audio production, radio imaging, copy writing and media buying.   Annual production of 1000+ audio promotion projects for branding clients worldwide, including TV and radio stations, podcasts, corporate narration projects, retail and B2B.   Manages a team of 10-12 contract employees.

Hear from past colleagues

Zachary Jennings

Zachary Jennings


 The founder journey often feels like a giant roller coaster, and having Andy’s encouragement and experience has proven valuable time and time again. I highly recommend Andy to other entrepreneurs who may be too close to their problems to get some outsider feedback and direction. He has helped me see issues from a different point of view which spark new ideas leading to actionable improvements in my business. 
Dan Janick

Dan Janick

CFO/Financial Consultant

Andy's track record as a serial entrepreneur and founder combined with his marketing expertise make him an invaluable resource for me in my work with entrepreneurial growth companies.  I regularly turn to him to hear his go-to-market insights and candid impressions of products and business models. 
Rob Upchurch

Rob Upchurch


Andy has been a great person to lean on while I continue growing as an entrepreneur. He hears out my ideas, offers thoughtful feedback, and holds me accountable for the goals I've set. Andy enthusiastically jumps into our coaching sessions and his warm, easygoing personality makes it a lot easier to talk about the hard parts of my business.
Kimberly Tilley

Kimberly Tilley


(When you) work with a coach to provide’s important to be selective about the person you choose. I recommend finding someone like Andrew Safnauer who has been a successful entrepreneur himself more than once. 

Project portfolio

Launch Apparel Brand

Client DryFins Swimwear

15 hour/week

Managed App Develpment

Client Pinooski

10 hour/week

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