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Frequently asked questions.

What is this contest aiming to do?
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Launch your consulting business. Mylance empowers experienced tech professionals to work for themselves, find consulting clients, and run their business with ease. This contest is a way to help you get over the hump, find a consulting client, and launch your business. Our Accelerator will run monthly to help you take action and see fast results.

How much does it cost to the join the contest?
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A one time payment of $299. Previously, the Mylance Bootcamp was $1249 and incredibly effective in helping new consultants launch their businesses and find clients. We're taking the same effective programming, and distilling it into a live, cohort-based, approachable structure that will achieve the same results, at a discount of over 75%.

Why do I have to pay to join the contest?
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You're paying for access to the Mylance Accelerator and our suite of tools. Previously, the Mylance Bootcamp was a $1249, two-week intensive Bootcamp. We're taking all the same content, and making it more approachable and digestible, and reducing the price by over 75%. If you complete the activities in the Accelerator and don't have the opportunity to sign a consulting client, we're guaranteeing your money back. You have nothing to lose by joining! If you've been wanting to work for yourself, this is the fastest and easiest way.

Why is Mylance doing this?
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Mylance is building the "Shopify" for your Independent Consulting business. We've thrived as independent consultants ourselves, and have built the tools, programming, and community to help you do it too. We're passionate about flexible, fulfilling work, and want to share that with as many people as possible. We know you want to work for yourself, and we're doing everything in our power to facilitate that and make it sustainable over time.

How can you guarantee success?
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Because we've done it ourselves, and we've helped thousands of others launch their consulting businesses. Customers graduate the Accelerator with all of the tools and confidence to close clients. The majority of our customers close clients within a few weeks of finishing the Accelerator. Participants leave with clarity regarding the value they bring, how to position themselves, and what they want from their independent businesses. Some choose to use the skills they learned about their niche in negotiation while finding a full-time job. That’s no problem! We’re supportive of whatever you decide is best for you. Further, our customers can use their freelance skill-sets whenever they choose, whether immediately or months after the Accelerator.

What have previous customers said about the Accelerator?
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Here are some quotes from previous customers:
"I had always dreamed of being my own boss, but didn't know how to get started. Mylance gave me all the tools and confidence to take the plunge into freelance world, saving me months of trial and error!"
"And after a few short weeks, I have my first high-paying client. Mylance’s resources, advisors and community are truly invaluable!"
"The Mylance Bootcamp is a game changer for those who want to build their own freelance business, but don't want to spend months on trial and error to find the best strategy. Mylance condenses all the topics like discovering clients, creating a pitch, negotiating contracts, and much more into a 2 week course."
"I took the Mylance Bootcamp in June. By July, I had 3 paying clients, including with the largest music streaming service! I HIGHLY recommend Mylance to anyone looking to freelance and create a profitable business faster."
“So far, Mylance has helped me build up my side income to $21,000, and more than doubled my income from my full time job. The best part - I work 20% of the hours”

Who's the best fit for this?
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You're a good fit for this contest if you meet the following requirements:
1. Have a minimum of 5 years of work experience, ideally in tech or successful start-ups
2. Work in a major business function (e.g., Operations, Product, Marketing, Business Development, Engineering, Finance, Legal, Accounting, Sales, HR, etc.)
3. Are ready to put in the work! We have a tried and true method, but we're not going to do it for you. You need to be ready to put in the work to be your own "boss"

When does each cohort kick off?
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The first Monday of every month, unless there are major Holidays. You can join any of the Accelerator cohorts once you enroll.