Nick Scherer

I work with clean energy companies to help them with analytical work.

I help solve issues with data, improve systems & processes, and research, create presentations, and write about all things clean energy.

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Available 15hrs/week

Baltimore, MD, USA

10 years experience

energy efficiency

I have worked on PECO's and Entergy's energy efficiency programs and also worked for an ESCO, which finances projects for utility programs

energy management

I have analyzed energy data from buildings with energy management systems to understand their usage & demand patterns

clean energy

I have worked throughout this space, including energy efficiency, energy markets, energy management, renewables, and demand response

renewable energy

I have worked in both solar & wind and understand their generation patterns

energy storage

I was involved in a project to deploy an energy storage system to defer a substation upgrade

energy & utilities

I have worked with various types of organizations including utilities, energy suppliers, renewable energy developers, ESCOs, and non-profits

smart building

I was Involved in ACEEE's first report about smart building technologies, including building automation systems, sensors, and controls

Energy Analyst

Energy Analyst
I have worked in analytical roles throughout the clean energy space. Now I enjoy working with startups, entrepreneurs, and small organizations throughout it by helping them with working in spreadsheets & databases, researching information, creating presentations, writing reports, and improving systems and processes to be more efficient, if not automated.

In my free time, I enjoy good beer, watching college sports (especially Michigan games), and playing recreational floor hockey & broomball.
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I'm interested in

Energy Management
Energy Markets
Demand Response
Energy Efficiency
Energy Storage
Renewable Energy
Emerging Technologies
Distributed Energy Resources

My Services

I primarily do three types of work:
- Data Analysis
- Research
- Process Improvement
Data Validation, Analysis, and Reporting
Research, Presentations, and Reports
Process Improvement

Experienced in analytical roles throughout the clean energy space


Senior Analyst



Responsible for reporting and other analytical work related to Entergy's energy efficiency and demand response programs. Also very involved with improving systems & processes to be more accurate, effective, efficient, and even automated.
energy efficiency,demand response,data analysis,process improvement
Enel Green Power
Enel Green Power

Data Analyst (Contractor)



Worked in the Wind Operations & Management Department to analyze the performance of their wind turbines, create and update routine & ad hoc reports, and improved systems & processes to be more efficient and accurate.
wind energy data analysis process improvement
Energy Shrink
Energy Shrink

Research Analyst (Extern through DCSEU)


Washington, DC

Involved in a wide range of projects, including setting up their CRM system, analyzing building benchmarking data, and identifying business opportunities. Research projects included local and statewide clean energy plans, energy and green building codes, benchmarking programs, building energy performance standards, and comparing emissions of different gas and electric heating system technologies.
benchmarking CRM green buildings LEED EnergyStar Portfolio Manager research building energy performance standards

Project Analyst (Contractor)


Washington, DC

Supported project managers on infrastructure projects, focusing on those involving energy storage, smart grid systems, electric vehicle infrastructure, smart lighting systems, and other emerging technologies, while providing some support for transmission, substation, and distribution projects, as well.
energy storage electric vehicles project management
Verde Solutions
Verde Solutions

Energy Analyst


Chicago, IL

Responsible for all business related to demand response and energy management. Also supported the Renewables team by researching for information, analyzing customers' energy usage and costs, creating project proposals for solar and other distributed generation projects, modeling financing agreements, and helping with other related tasks as needed.
solar energy storage energy management demand response
AEP Energy
AEP Energy

Senior Operations Analyst


Chicago, IL

Created and updated routine and ad hoc reports. Created and improved spreadsheets, databases, queries, and other systems and processes to simplify them and reduce inefficiencies for Operations. Involved in cross-functional projects with other groups, including Risk, Pricing, Finance, Sales, and Development.
process improvement billing operations data analysis reporting
The American Council for an Energy Efficiency Economy (ACEEE)
The American Council for an Energy Efficiency Economy (ACEEE)

Graduate Intern


Washington, DC

Researched for information about smart building technologies (such as energy management & building automation systems, sensors & controls), including case studies and incentives, and interviewed subject matter experts about these technologies. 

Updated the ACEEE State Scorecard regarding policy in support of Combined Heat & Power (CHP) technology. 

Supported a campaign to preserve and improve existing energy codes to increase energy efficiency of new construction towards the goal of Net Zero.
smart buildings CHP energy management energy codes energy efficiency

Analytics Intern


Philadelphia, PA

Created and updated reports within the CRM system and exports from it and other data sources related to many aspects of the company, including sales, marketing, customer support, operations, and IT to support continued growth of the company. Researched for and analyzed data and information related to the solar industry, including installations in different states and how solar penetration in different zip codes correlate with demographic factors.
solar CRM data analysis
Customized Energy Solutions
Customized Energy Solutions



Philadelphia, PA

Responsible for load forecasting, day ahead bid submission, and validating market settlements for retail energy suppliers serving load in several ISOs. Performed data analysis and verification, worked with developers to improve and automate routine processes, and other tasks as needed.
PJM load forecasting retail energy energy markets process improvement automation
KEMA (now part of DNV)
KEMA (now part of DNV)

Business Analyst


Chalfont, PA

Involved in demand side management programs including energy efficiency (incentivizing customers to replace lighting, HVAC, motors, and other equipment) and demand response (incentivizing customers to reduce load during peak demand events - typically the hottest hours of the summer). 

Responsibilities included data analysis, creating and updating routine and ad hoc reports, data quality control, managing change requests, and other related tasks as needed.
energy efficiency demand response business analysis data analysis benchmarking budgeting forecasting

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