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Robbie Taylor

Dealing with Making Money for the Leadership Team

Published on
11 Jan 2022

Dealing with Making Money for the Leadership Team

Robbie Taylor is a consultant who helps early-stage companies position sales teams for scalability and growth. He specializes in helping companies to structure sales teams, streamline GTM strategies and uncovering ways to drive bottom line sales results.

With over 10 years experience working for companies like PwC, Microsoft, Newfront Insurance and Celonis, he saw himself as just another worker who was supporting someone else’s wealth accumulation.

Even start-ups were uncertain and the promise of benefiting from an employee stock option program yielded no certainty whatsoever. It was an illusion that could be easily swept away at any moment in time.

Robbie started to see a pattern; After successfully building sales teams, he realized he didn’t need an employer to guide him and self-employment would be a more lucrative path forward.

However, knowing where to start was the challenge. How do you go about setting up a business that looks legitimate?

Inspired to be Independent

For Robbie Taylor, the path to independence started after he witnessed his friend’s success as a result of the Mylance Accelerator. Seeing the possibilities come to life for someone else, he decided to make the personal investment in Mylance and put the wheels in motion of working for himself.

Knowing the hurdles of building his own business, he was worried about how he would manage the operational pieces he needed like setting up an LLC, how to manage accounting and construct contracts.

The Mylance Accelerator program gave him the know-how he needed to set up his business. He recognizes the program as not only providing the backbone that makes up the ‘nuts and bolts’ of the business but the opportunity to connect with people who were on a similar journey.

Creating Reliable Income That Scales

Because Mylance provided Robbie with the foundation and baseline he needed to springboard his vision into a reality, he quickly realized his goal of creating a reliable stream of income that scales.

He has now enjoying a sense of fulfillment he did not have before and is focused on keeping his priorities top of mind so he can move forward.

Working with the Mylance team, Robbie had this to say: “The Mylance Accelerator, to me, was impressive and so cool. I was very envious of the participants and saw this program as the best fit for me to get started. The program was so successful, I inspired a close friend to participate and she is now a successful freelance consultant.”