Case Studies –
Kelly Feeney

Breaking Free from the W-2

Published on
11 Jan 2022

Breaking Free from the W-2

Kelly works directly with startup leaders who want to create outcome-driven, aligned, and highly-engaged teams that scale. She helps to enable leaders & companies reach their goals by building & implementing an Operational Framework that scales with the business.

Previously, Kelly launched, scaled, and led Operations teams as large as 300 people at various marketplace startups including early Uber, Convoy, Airbnb, and Coinbase.

Kelly always knew she didn’t want a W2 and really wanted to be free from working for someone else. She was burnt out and had invested in a coach to help provide her with some direction. Yet even as a self-starter, she didn’t even know where to start when it came to launching a business.

An Investment for the Future

For Kelly, she wasn’t quite at the point where she felt comfortable quitting her job and just going for it. After a friend recommended she take a look at Mylance, she enrolled in the Mylance Accelerator. She saw the value in the investment and knew that even if she didn’t apply the learnings to her life today, that the knowledge she would acquire would be there when she was ready.

By the end of the program, she was convinced that she was turning in her resignation and starting her own business. She now understood what she needed to start consulting, how to think about pricing and how to acquire clients.

Immediately following the Mylance Accelerator program, she landed her first client. In addition, she brought in another cohort from her class to work alongside her on that project. She immediately recognized the power of the community by being supportive and helpful to others.

Removing Overhead and Focusing on Work

For Kelly, the value of Mylance extended beyond the Accelerator program. She is planning to continue leveraging the Mylance Tax Services offerings to manage the financial functions of her business so she can focus on the work.

In addition, she is part of a community of professionals who are like-minded and enjoy figuring out how to design a consulting business. She has access to ongoing support and a forum to ask and answer questions that pertain to all areas of running a business. From client advice to tax questions to simply sharing helpful resources - it’s like having everything in one place.

Kelly had this to say about Mylance, “First and foremost, Mylance inspired me to launch my business. More importantly, they helped me understand that my business was an actual business with revenue. Mylance understands what we need to achieve that and delivers it.”