Case Studies –
Daniel Cohen-Arcamone

5x Income + Less Working Hours = Happiness

Published on
11 Jan 2022

Leaving the Corporate Ladder Behind

Daniel Cohen-Arcamone is a consultant who helps early-stage companies achieve hyper-growth and efficiently scale operations. He specializes in creating order out of chaos through hyper-prioritization and disciplined management. However, for over 10 years, Daniel had been climbing the corporate ladder and it was a rat race.

Eventually, he recognized that he was overworked and under-compensated. He was missing time that he could be spending with his family and his career was not bringing him the same level of satisfaction that it once did.

He knew he needed to make his vision a reality and start his own consulting business.

Seeking a Fulfilling Career

Even with years of experience in leadership positions, Daniel didn’t know where to start and if he could be successful. He knew the type of work he could do and deliver on but he didn’t know how to build a successful business from the ground up. Where would he get clients? What should he charge? How would he position himself to his market?

Not knowing how to move forward with his entrepreneurial goals, he sought out help from colleagues and friends in his network which eventually led him to Mylance.

He made the decision to invest his own personal time and money and enroll in the Mylance Accelerator where he acquired the skills he needed to define his niche, build the infrastructure of his business and construct a strategy to acquire clients. Along with that, he has built a network of invaluable connections and has access to a community of like-minded professionals.

The value Mylance provided Daniel has gone well beyond financial benefits. Not only has Mylance served as a ‘one-stop shop’ that provided the resources required to get his infrastructure in place, Daniel has also gained access to financial service solutions, ongoing support, invaluable connections and access to leads to further grow his business.

5x Income + Less Working Hours = Happiness

With the strategical know-how in place to create and assemble his business, Daniel was able to reduce the time and resources he needed to figure out how to create the business and could get right to work on the actual work.

He landed his first client in less than 1 month and is now spending far less time working and far more time with his family. He is also exploring the options to work abroad and see more of the world which was not even a possibility before.

“The Mylance Accelerator was a gamechanger for me. I really wanted to get out of corporate America and take ownership of my career. My hesitancy was really surrounded by my fear of failure. Mylance turned that around for me and I am now earning 5x my previous income and reserving time and energy for the things that make me the happiest!” ~Daniel