April 21, 2022

Combating Imposter Syndrome in Freelance Consulting

Doubting yourself can be second nature to most people. In fact, according to the Journal of Behavioral Science, second guessing one's value and abilities is something that over 70% of people experience. For freelance consultants, this can often be amplified by the fact that you are working for yourself. There is no team surrounding you with positive feedback or encouragement. Instead, you often have to rely on the feedback from your client and positive self-talk. 

Recently, Mylance members had the privilege of learning tips to manage imposter syndrome from Kristen Esquivias, PCC, CPCC. Kristen is an executive coach, speaker and facilitator who champions her clients towards realizing their fullest potential, achieving their goals and living with greater purpose and fulfillment. In this short video, she shares strategies that will help you overcome feelings of imposter syndrome to launch your freelance career. 

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